Imagine the security of having your dog's Microchip Registration, Location Notification, and Digital Medical Records all wrapped up in one Digital ID. We keep all of your puppies information safe and accessible from anywhere.

Protect Your Puppy Today!

Order your QR Tag today. We will ship it to you within about a week. We will already have the tag registered and tested, linked to your puppies account. When someone scans the QR Tag you will be sent a text notification of the location of the puppy at the time it was scanned. The person who scans the tag will see your contact information and easily be able to reach you to return your puppy.

When you order the QR Tag you receive the microchip registration, digital medical record, and the QR Tag lifetime registration. So, all 3 lifetime for $159. Many microchip registration services charge more than $200 or a yearly fee that can increase at any time. We keep it simple! Pick what you want and never receive another fee, ever.

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