Register My Pup (RMP) is the best cloud-based canine software that helps you and your veterinarian stay informed and organized to better manage your pup’s health and give exact treatment. Register My Pup, not only provides security of microchip registration, but also keeps track of your pup’s health record by allowing you to store their important information in one place.
If you are traveling and have an emergency with your puppy, you can provide 100% accurate health history to the attending veterinarian by simply providing your login details. Our system digitally stores and provides all the useful health history data you have added to your pup’s account.
Here data is securely saved in the cloud and can only be accessed by the authorized person after entering confirmation username and password.
Your dog's medical records also contain treatment plans developed by your veterinarian, which could include medications, surgery, hospitalization, or a specialist visit, and how your dog responded to treatment. We have had thousands of dog owners submit their dog's medical records and use them for their own personal reference and ongoing use.
Upload any documents you receive after each Vet or Grooming visit.
Need help accessing your account? No problem, shoot us a message that’s what we’re here for.

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