Once inserted a pet's microchip is merely just a device that contains a unique number. For your personal security and your pet's protection your emergency contact information must be linked to that unique identifier via a secure database. We offer our Software as a Service (SaaS) for your personal use for your puppy.

It is important to register this unique microchip number with your contact information so that you can be reached immediately 24 hours a day if your pet is lost or found. When a missing pet is found, the shelter, vet or other recovering organization will scan the pet with a specialized pet microchip scanner to determine if a microchip is present. If the scanner detects the presence of a microchip, it will display only the unique microchip number on the read out. If that unique identifier is registered in a participating database the facility scanning your lost pet will be able to determine that the pet is registered to a pet owner and call to inform you that your pet has been found.

We at Register My Puppy offer a lifetime microchip registration for the low price of $39. You can also get a full digital medical record for your puppy as well. The lifetime digital medical record is available for an additional $20 for a total of $59. This allows you to store all medical records for your puppy in one secure location. Easily manage shot records, expiration dates, and treatment plans.

Order your QR Tag today. We will ship it to you within about a week. We will already have the tag registered and tested, linked to your puppies account. When someone scans the QR Tag you will be sent a text notification of the location of the puppy at the time it was scanned. The person who scans the tag will see your contact information and easily be able to reach you to return your puppy.

When you order the QR Tag you receive the microchip registration, digital medical record, and the QR Tag lifetime registration. So, all 3 lifetime for only $159.

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